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Uplion Led Umbrella Patio Solar Umbrella with LED Light 10ft Cantilever Solar Sun Garden Parasol Umbrella

  • MU7011LP
  • Uplion

 Uplion led umbrella patio solar umbrella with LED light 10ft Cantilever solar sun garden parasol umbrella


Item No. Description Carton size 40HQ Loading

1.Patio parasol with LED light, frame:power coating steel, 2.D3M*6K,

3.side pole: steel 48*1.0tMM,

4.hanging tube (2pcs): steel 42*1.0tMM,16*26mm,

5.ribs:6K, steel 12*18*0.45tMM,180G polyester

156x30x14cm 1050pcs








Garden parasol
With a three-metre diameter and polyester fabric to protect you from the elements, this parasol is perfect for a garden gathering. Whether you want shade from the sun or somewhere to huddle when the rain comes, this umbrella fits the bill!

LED lights
Nobody likes trying to schmooze – you can’t see the other person’s face and, in the worst case, could still be talking long after they’ve ventured off to the buffet. With 32 solar LED lights all around the underside you’ll be able to see all your guests and carry on long after the sun has gone down.

Easy to use
The durable steel frame is easy to set up and the bottom will weigh the parasol down, meaning it could withstand all but the strongest of winds. Plus, crank mechanism is easy to use and means you can open and close with ease!













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