How to use advertising sun umbrella?

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How to use advertising sun umbrella?

The advertising sun umbrella can be taken wherever you go. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays on sunny days, and it does not need to get wet in rainy days. In addition, the advertising sun umbrella also has a promotional effect, which can create a promotional environment for product promotion.

Nowadays, the frequency of use of advertising sun umbrellas is getting higher and higher, and it can be seen at the door of stores, promotion sites, and company events.

What I need to say here today is that if you want to use the advertising sun umbrella for a long time, in addition to choosing good quality, it is also very important to understand its use method.

1. Learn how to open it according to the product manual. Do not use too much force in the process.

2. When opening, you should hold the column push plate, press the buckle with your fingers and push it up, and let go after pushing it to the fixing hole. Do not twist the umbrella stand at will during the pushing process.

3. The sun umbrella is stained with water after use and cannot be stored immediately. It should be dried in a ventilated place, otherwise it will cause the umbrella cloth to become moldy and the umbrella stand to rust.

4. Don't place the sun umbrella casually after use, let alone put heavy objects on it, and put it on if there is a bag.