Rattan Furniture for elder people

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Rattan Furniture for elder people

      The rattan chair is very suitable for the elderly. The rattan chair is both breathable and elastic, and it is better to add a cushion. The waist support ability of the elderly is already poor. Whether you are sitting or lying down, it is recommended to straighten your waist, so as to reduce the load on the waist. Rattan chairs are loved by the elderly, but the elderly must pay attention to science when sitting on rattan chairs. , otherwise there will be detrimental health conditions.

      Soft chairs or soft sofas can also cause muscle strain in the elderly. When the body is stuck in the chair, the curvature of the human spine is large, which increases the burden on the muscles of the lower back. For the elderly with relatively loose bones, there is also a certain risk.

      Therefore, a rattan chair that is both breathable and elastic should be chosen for the elderly. It is best to choose a chair with a backrest and put an ottoman so that the legs can be laid flat to prevent ischemia of the lower extremities. Experts also emphasize that no matter what chair you sit in, the most important thing is to change your posture frequently.