Classification of rattan furniture

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Classification of rattan furniture

Outdoor ratton furniture: such as small round tables, back chairs, reclining chairs, etc. in gardens and verandas, as well as rocking sofa armchairs; living room furniture: the most perfect and most stylish rattan furniture, a set of red rattan The living room furniture is delicate and smooth, and the shape and color are simple and simple, showing the beauty of craftsmanship; Dining room furniture: such as five-piece and seven-piece sets of rough rattan chairs and tables, with novel shapes and full of the flavor of the times; Chairs and stools, cabinet boxes, table cases, screens, benches and others.

Precautions for purchasing rattan furniture: 

Chooseing famous factories and famous stores to buy rattan furniture. Due to the particularity of rattan furniture materials and processes, some professional rattan furniture manufacturers choose imported expanded materials with better texture, and then after high-temperature sterilization and disinfection, the rattan raw materials are machined into specifications of certain length and thickness. Skilled workers make it according to the design plan of designers and craftsmen, and then spray the high-grade polyester oil configured for rattan furniture after molding.