How to use a sun umbrella correctly?

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How to use a sun umbrella correctly?

In the hot summer, outdoor activities require a high-quality outdoor umbrella that can block ultraviolet rays.

Correct use of parasols can prolong the service life of parasols.

1. The main function of the sun umbrella is to resist ultraviolet rays. The fabric of the umbrella is relatively precise, and it is rich in some fine particles, so try to reduce the number of washings. Even if you wash it, you can only rinse the umbrella surface with water, not with a brush.

2. When the sun umbrella is opened, you must shake the umbrella surface, straighten the umbrella rib, and then slowly open it. After use, wipe it clean, put it at room temperature for a moment and then fold it up to delay the aging, brittleness of the umbrella surface and the peeling of the anti-ultraviolet coating.

3. Try not to use it as an umbrella. Because rainwater contains acidic substances and is corrosive, it will gradually destroy the anti-UV coating of the sun umbrella. If you need to cover the rain temporarily, rinse the umbrella surface with clean water in time after use.