Outdoor fringed beach umbrellas

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Outdoor fringed beach umbrellas

A fringed design umbrella will add a fresh look and a unique look to your patio or outdoor space. Perfect for backyards, lawns, gardens and beaches.

The canopy provides UPF50+ protection and blocks over 98% of UV rays to keep you cool and comfortable, and a tilt function with a button provides optimal shade as the sun moves.

Steel ribs with wood color and 8 steel ribs provide elegant and superior strength support - keeping the umbrella stable in windy conditions.

This beach tassel umbrella is easy to install and the umbrella opens 7 feet in diameter. There is also the same fabric tote bag.

Beach umbrellas feature sun protection. Beach umbrellas are mainly used on sunny days, and more sunscreen materials are coated on them, which has a better reflection effect on ultraviolet rays.

It is used on the beach or outdoors, because there is no shelter on the beach, people will be unbearable to be exposed to the sun all the time, so there are usually umbrellas and deck chairs on the beach.