How to maintain Rattan Furniture

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How to maintain Rattan Furniture?

We can use translucent white tulle curtains. Avoid direct sunlight: use a soft brush to remove dust from the county, or use household detergent for daily cleaning: rattan furniture can be close to fire and heat sources; rattan furniture is deformed by moisture After that, try to restore the state, and the maintenance methods are as follows:

1. Avoid direct sunlight

When exposed to the sun for a long time, the ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the rattan degenerate and brittle, make the white rattan furniture yellow, partially fade the red rattan furniture, and make the expensive bamboo and rattan furniture dry and loose. You can use a translucent white thin film. The screen cloth keeps out the direct sunlight, protects the rattan furniture, but also does not affect the indoor lighting.

2. Do daily cleaning

Rattan furniture will accumulate a lot of dust after using it for a long time. You can use a brush with soft hair to brush the dust from the inside to the outside of the mesh. If the stain is serious, it can be wiped off with household detergent, and then dry wipe it again to clean it.

3. Avoid getting close to fire and heat sources

If the rattan seat is placed close to the radiator, the rattan rods close to the part will become dry and brittle, and the toughness will be deteriorated. Place high temperature items on the table, remember to put on heat insulation pads.

4. Avoid damp deformation

The advantage of rattan furniture is that it is fixed to its original shape after being deformed by damp, and it will still return to its original shape and size after drying or drying in the shade. Therefore, when rattan furniture is damp and sags, it is necessary to find ways to reduce its load, evenly support the furniture, keep it in the original weave shape, and prevent the gap from deforming.