360 Rotating Roman Umbrella

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360 Rotating Roman Umbrella

Now with the improvement of our quality of life, many people like leisure outdoor life, beautiful outdoor scenery, fresh air, suitable outdoor leisure life is good for health. In outdoor leisure, in addition to blue sky, white clouds and green grass, we also need outdoor sun umbrellas and Roman umbrellas that protect us from rain. Because of the difference in climate and environment, choose outdoor sun umbrellas and Roman umbrellas. The methods are also different, so how to choose the right outdoor sun umbrella Roman umbrella?

Roman umbrellas are generally strong and stable, divided into square and round, single-top and double-top, single-headed and double-headed, and some can be matched with solar LED lights

If your place is big enough and you want to buy an umbrella with stronger wind resistance, you can choose a unilateral umbrella.

Its characteristics are: the umbrella column is unilaterally independent and has 100% space utilization. It avoids the trouble and embarrassment of perforating the table in the use of traditional sunshades.

This umbrella can be customized, can print advertisements, is very convenient to move, and has strong wind resistance. Ideal for cafes and bars.

If you want to buy a cost-effective parasol, you can consider a rotating umbrella. The 360° rotating umbrella is the most powerful of all the umbrellas. It has a unique shape and a fashionable design. The two-fold umbrella mode is adopted, the umbrella body can be rotated 360 degrees in the horizontal position, or 90 degrees in the vertical direction, the foot pedal is rotated, it can be lifted and tilted, the operation is more convenient, and one person can easily open and close . Umbrella cloth specifications can be customized