Which heating method is good for heater

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1. Electric heating wire heater: This kind of heater uses an electric heating wire heating element to generate heat. It is more traditional. It is a bit like an electric fan. It uses a reflective surface to diffuse heat into the entire room. It is characterized by ultrasonic humidification. , Wide spectrum, etc., the shortcomings are more obvious, that is, once it is turned off, its temperature will drop very quickly, and the heating range is relatively small, the use time is long, and even the heating wire will break.

2. Oil heater: this kind of heater is more common. It is characterized by being smokeless and odorless, relatively hygienic, and suitable for families with elderly and children. The disadvantage is that the heating rate is slower and there are more solder joints. .

3. Quartz tube heater: The characteristic of the quartz tube heater is that it has high heating efficiency, because its heating method is to thread the heating wire inside the quartz tube and use the far-infrared quartz tube to heat it, and once it is plugged in the switch , It will heat up immediately, so to a certain extent, it is more energy-saving, the disadvantage is that you must not touch water, the heating range is relatively small, and it is easy to generate open flames. This must be paid special attention.