What are the functions of outdoor patio sun parasol umbrella?

Views: 4     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-11-17      Origin: Uplion

Although the parasol can be used to block the sun and rain, its main purpose is to block ultraviolet rays. 

In recent years, more and more sun parasols have added anti-ultraviolet coatings. This improvement has also made the sun umbrella's anti-ultraviolet function more perfect. 

Since the sun umbrella is used to prevent ultraviolet rays, then, from the fabric of the sun umbrella Look, generally speaking, the anti-ultraviolet performance of thick fabrics is better than that of thin fabrics. 

Therefore, when consumers are buying sun umbrellas, it is best to choose thick polyester fabrics, such as cotton and silk. , Nylon or viscose fabrics are relatively thin, and the effect of UV protection is naturally not so good. However, this conclusion is not absolute. Although some fabrics are light and thin, they are very tight. 

This kind of fabric has a protection function against ultraviolet rays. It is much higher than other fabrics. In addition, the function of sun umbrellas to defend against ultraviolet rays is also related to the color of the fabric. Among various colors, the black umbrella surface has the best defense effect, followed by pink and goose yellow, and red is the defense against ultraviolet rays in various colors. The worst effect.

We hope to help you to choose the right parasol umbrella.