What are the characteristics of the outdoor patio garden side awning?

Views: 21     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-12-01      Origin: Uplion

The outdoor patio garden side awning has the characteristics of different sizes, large amplitude modulation, novel structure, beautiful appearance, energy saving and environmental protection, and has the functions of shading, dust blocking, and heat radiation blocking, and it is free to retract. It can be used in all seasons of the year. It can be used for sunshading on sunny days and can be enclosed around. It has strong wind and snow resistance. The outdoor patio garden side awning can block ultraviolet radiation and lower the temperature. Especially in small gardens, outdoor courtyards, placing side awning or some public places, large-area installation of side awning can play a very good role. It effectively shields sunlight and is not corroded by ultraviolet rays, so that shading and daylighting can be unified, and The outdoor patio garden side awning can reflect well. Create a shady place to protect your skin.