Use the roof tent to protect your car

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Use the roof tent to protect your car

I don't know if you have heard of car roof tents? This is used in small cars. Nowadays, more and more car owners buy it. Using it can protect their car very well. There is no need to worry about the eight major problems that occur under high temperature in sunny days. Even in bad weather, you can use it with confidence.

Search the roof tent on the Internet, and you can also view its related information; the roof tent size is 2mX2m, 2.5mX2.5m, 2mX3m, 3mX3m, 3mX4.5m, 3mX6m, according to the style of the car and the size of the venue, car owners use more 3mX4.5m and 3mX6m.

The roof tent is composed of two cores: the top cloth and the bracket. They also have a variety of materials. You can see which one you like.

Roof tent top cloth: 420D, 600D, 800D, according to the texture, there are plain texture and diamond texture.

Roof tent bracket: iron frame, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, each has its own advantages.

As for the roof tent price, it is also very reasonable, and using it can also save a parking fee.