The use of rattan sofa

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Good rattan-like materials can ensure 3,000 hours of outdoor use in all-weather sunshine, and it can be used for at least 3 years if you calculate it according to the areas with more sunshine in the south;

Even the best rattan material needs a good frame. Iron frame materials are generally difficult to prevent or even do not perform anti-rust treatment in factories, and they will soon rust, and even the frame will be loose and unusable. Rusty rusty water can even pollute the ground and cause heavy losses to customers; therefore, high-quality rattan furniture generally uses aluminum alloy materials, which will not rust, and the surface can effectively prevent oxidation after electrostatic spraying. Ensure long-term use. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the aluminum alloy frame is longer than that of the rattan, so customers can use it with confidence. It is also a good strategy for many customers to return to the factory to reorganize the rattan for better appearance before the normal life of the rattan is expired.