The purchase of hanging chairs

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1. See clearly the material of the hanging chair. If it is a rattan hanging chair, in addition to the fine manual weaving skills and the novel and beautiful shape, the most important thing is to check whether the material of the rattan is good. If the surface of the rattan is wrinkled, it means that the furniture is made of young rattan, which has poor toughness, low strength, and is easy to break and corrode. The materials used in rattan furniture are exquisite. In addition to the rattan from Yunnan, many rattan materials come from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

2. You can hold the edge of the chair with both hands and gently shake-down to feel whether the frame is stable.

3. Wipe the surface of the chair with the palm of your hand.

4. Check if the gloss on the surface of the chair is even, and if there are spots, different colors and traces of insects.