The difference between aluminum outdoor patio garden side awning and steel outdoor patio garden side awning

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In the custom metal parts of the outdoor courtyard garden side canopy, we must first be clear that the metal parts we have customized are used in the field of outdoor products. There are iron pipes and aluminum pipes to choose from in the market, so what is the difference between these two metal parts?

The difference between them in outdoor courtyard garden customization is that the iron pipe has large bearing capacity, high load capacity, low cost, low price, and the surface can be sprayed with plastic treatment. The surface is mostly black or gray, the color is single, and it is scratched. The surface will become easy to rust; and the aluminum tube itself is corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof and rust-proof, the surface can be oxidized, the appearance is more exquisite, the color can be various, the effect of expansion and contraction is good when using, it is light and easy to carry, but it is carrying The force is not high and it is easy to deform. So you can choose a suitable outdoor courtyard garden side canopy according to your needs and preferences.