Side awning of outdoor villa garden

Views: 2     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-12-07      Origin: Uplion

The outdoor villa garden side awning allows you to have a leisurely area, which is simply separated from the neighbor's garden. It can also shade and beautify the environment. Of course, there is also a roof garden, which not only has excellent cooling and heat insulation effects, but also can beautify the environment, purify the air, and improve the local microclimate. It can also enrich the elevation of the city, compensate for the green ground occupied by the building, and greatly improve the greening of the city. Coverage rate is a roofing form worthy of vigorous promotion.

Install the outdoor villa garden side awning here to block the wind, please close it when not in use. By the way, the success or failure of roof garden waterproofing treatment is very important. It directly affects the use effect of roof garden and the safety of the building. Once a water leak is found, it must be partially or completely reworked. Therefore, the treatment of the waterproof layer is the key to the roof garden technology, and it is also the most concerned issue. The other is to use the garden side awning or outdoor tables and chairs to set up.