Patio Side Pole Parasol umbrella

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Side pole parasol umbrellas are also called cantilever umbrellas or banana parasol umbrellas, which are mainly used for large parasols that prevent direct sunlight. At the beginning of the design, it was mainly used for shading the noble courtyard, so it is also called courtyard umbrella. However, with the continuous promotion of simple lifestyle and the development of commercial leisure industry, courtyard umbrellas have been widely used in our lives. 

Beautiful shapes, effective sun-shading effects, and cheap outdoor commercial advertising uses are more beneficial to him. Continue to promote. garden patio Side cpole umbrellas can be made into different vertical edges (no vertical edges, wavy edges, straight vertical edges), widen the width of the vertical edges, thicken the ribs, heavier marble base, different domestic or imported fabrics, and heightened umbrellas. Height etc.