Roman umbrella base

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Roman umbrella base

The Roman umbrella rotating base includes a base, the upper end of the base is provided with a base upper cover, and one side of the base is provided with a locking device, the locking device includes a connecting bolt, a locking key, a connecting key and a sealing cover, and the sealing cover Set at the upper end of the card position key.

The connecting bolt is arranged through the inside of the locking key, and the connecting key is arranged at the lower end of the connecting bolt, a rotating turntable is arranged inside the base, a card slot is arranged on the outer surface of the rotating turntable, and the upper end of the rotating turntable is arranged.

The outer surface and the inner surface of the base are both provided with a first steel ball groove. The Roman umbrella rotating base can drive the Roman umbrella to rotate, which is convenient for the user to adjust the angle of the Roman umbrella according to the angle of sunlight. At the same time, the inside of the Roman umbrella rotating base is set The structure can ensure the flexible and stable rotation of the rotating turntable in the rotating base of the Roman umbrella, and reduce the phenomenon of rotating jams and parts damage during use.