Outdoor terrace retractable side curtain awning, screen fence privacy divider

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Outdoor terrace retractable side curtain awnings are suitable for home, commercial use and outdoor terraces, gardens, decks or porches. They can also be used as parasols, parasols or partitions to block breeze, sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

Outdoor patio retractable side awnings for 100% privacy protection: Outdoor patio retractable side awnings provide ultimate privacy, it perfectly provides you with a private dining area where you won't be there to show your neighbors.

The retractable side curtain awning for outdoor terraces is particularly easy to install. It adopts a cylindrical wall-mounted design. You need to fix the pillars on its bottom plate or directly on the concrete, cement floor or wooden deck for better stability.

Outdoor patio retractable side curtain awning, side awning screen fence is easy to open and close by the handle, the retractable mechanism provides good flexibility for smooth and long-term operation, the retractable spring is very sturdy, retractable to 63" x 118 ". When not needed, it can be retracted for convenient storage and space saving.