Outdoor tent FAQ2

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Outdoor tent FAQ2

3. Packing of outdoor tents

Maybe some people are a trivial matter for tent packing, but it actually involves the interaction between the equipment manufacturer and the user.

If you often watch some video tapes of outdoor activities, you should pay attention to that their tents are all inside the backpack, not outside the backpack like we do. If you are using foreign-made tents, you will find that they are compatible with domestically produced tents. The biggest difference of the tent is that the camp pillars and the tent cloth are packaged separately. After folding the tent cloth, its volume is in line with the diameter of the inner circumference of the backpack, so that the tent cloth can be placed in the backpack, and the camp pillars are inserted on both sides of the backpack. This is a foreign designer who considers the user’s concept. Previously, the outer-frame aluminum-frame backpack did not have a big problem with camping and packing, but today’s mainstream inner-frame straight backpack is difficult to carry the domestically designed tent packaging method. , It is not impossible to change, as long as you give up the frame designed by the original manufacturer for consumers, you can naturally carry it comfortably.

The common practice is to discard the original tent jacket and use sleeping bag covers or waterproof sleeping bag covers to install the inner and outer tents, so that the tent will not appear outside the backpack, and it will be relatively difficult to walk long distances or walk on intermediate mountains. The long and wide tent is the trouble with the backpack. Think about the bearer who hangs the tent vertically on the backpack. It looks like tied with meat dumplings, placed horizontally on the backpack, and is afraid of hitting the trunk or falling wood.