Outdoor plastic wood table

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Outdoor plastic wood table

The size of this outdoor plastic wood table is just right for drinks and snacks. It is an ideal companion for beach Adirondack chairs, dining chairs, recliners or rocking chairs. The size is 38*48*46CM, and the material is durable sun-proof plastic wood.

Plastic wood material will not chip, peel or rot, and can resist corrosive substances such as oil, salt and other environmental pressures, so it generally takes a long time to use.

Plastic wood tables do not require painting, staining, waterproofing or similar maintenance. They can be wiped with a clean cloth at intervals, and this plastic wood table can resist stains related to wine and condiments, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

The corners of the table are rounded to prevent bumps and are safe for children. There are a wide choice of colors, such as blue, yellow, white, etc., and you can match the colors yourself according to the chair, recliner and rocking chair.