Outdoor furniture villa courtyard garden side awning

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Private gardens must ensure a certain degree of privacy.

Whether it is the garden of a single-family villa, a small suburban courtyard, or a roof terrace, privacy is the focus of a private garden. If you want to maintain privacy while communicating with the outside world, you can use outdoor furniture villa courtyard garden side canopy, such as 2x3M waterproof polyester cloth side canopy, iron shell, aluminum stick and short column, durable and economical Beautiful.

Guardrails with larger gaps, wrought iron guardrails, etc. Some low shrubs can be planted, such as densely planted roses, spiraea, privet, etc., combined with climbing plants (such as brocade, climbing rose, honeysuckle, etc.) and guardrails to achieve the effect of densely planted top and sparse bottom. If you want to create a completely enclosed garden, while using the outdoor furniture villa courtyard garden side canopy, you can also set up tall guardrails at the same time, you need to increase the planting of various heights of plants, preferably no less than three levels The high degree of matching. Learn to borrow tall trees in public areas. The large and dense canopies that have been formed may provide shade for part of your yard.