Outdoor courtyard garden solar LED parasol, one umbrella for multiple purposes

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The main components of outdoor courtyard garden solar LED sunshades are solar panels, batteries, controllers, sunshades, fixed parts, wiring, etc. Outdoor courtyard garden solar LED sunshade is a new type of solar energy application product that combines solar energy and sunshade. It can be used for mobile phones, lights, computers, walkmans, audio, fans and other electronics when people enjoy the shade brought by the sunshade. The product provides electricity, which can be obtained anytime and anywhere.

The principle of the outdoor courtyard garden solar LED sunshade: solar panels generate electricity, and the electrical energy is input into the storage battery under the control of the controller to be used by electrical appliances.

Note: 1. Be careful not to scratch or damage the solar panel when folding;

2. Keep the surface of the solar panel clean, so as not to affect the power of solar power generation;

3. Non-technical personnel are not allowed to disassemble at will.