Outdoor courtyard garden shading side awning has a wide range of uses

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Outdoor patio garden shade side awning Do you own your yard?

The material of the side awning can generally block 96% of ultraviolet rays. Here is a garden side canopy made of 185 GSM waterproof polyester cloth. It can provide shade and block ultraviolet rays and help prevent sunlight from affecting the skin and Eye damage.

Use Uplion outdoor courtyard garden shade side awning to create a cool area for rest, barbecue, and afternoon tea.

Outdoor patio garden shade side awning are widely used in outdoor spaces, and there are also other shapes for you to choose from, such as fan-shaped, rectangular, etc. The length varies from 3M to 6M. The height varies from 1.4M to 2M. You can also place more for the entire terrace, lawn, garden, backyard, swimming pool, deck, etc.