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  • Use of backpack
    Use of backpack
    Use of backpack The back bag has a large volume, and everything is packed in. It is not easy to distinguish and time-consuming when picking up. It’s best to prepare a few more plastic bags.   Read More>
  • Don't ignore the quality of backpack materials
    When choosing a backpack, many people pay more attention to the color and shape of the backpack. In fact, the key to the durability of the backpack lies in the materials.   Read More>
  • Choose the type of backpack according to the purpose of the backpack
    The same mountaineering bag, but its uses are different. For example, rock climbing bags specially designed for rock climbing activities are generally not designed with hard supports, so as to be easy to move around.   Read More>
  • How to choose a backpack that suits you?
    Choose the volume of the backpack according to the number of items loadedIf the travel time is short, and you are not planning to camp outdoors, and there are not many items to carry, you should choose a small-capacity backpack.   Read More>