Choose the type of backpack according to the purpose of the backpack

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The same mountaineering bag, but its uses are different. For example, rock climbing bags specially designed for rock climbing activities are generally not designed with hard supports, so as to be easy to move around. There are more external hanging points to facilitate hanging equipment. Some styles are also specially equipped with a cushion cloth for finishing equipment. The bicycle series bags designed for riding pay more attention to the characteristics of riding, and can be divided into backpacks, panniers, and so on. A general mountaineering bag can also be called a camping backpack. The design takes into account the characteristics of various forms of sports and the needs of long-distance marches, and is suitable for mountaineering, adventure adventures and woodland crossing activities. There are also backpacks specially designed for long-distance travel, which are called multi-purpose bags or mother-and-child bags. The split structure is basically the same as mountaineering bags. It can be carried on both shoulders, layered up and down, and similar to a suitcase, with an uncovered opening. , It can be carried on one shoulder, and can be carried horizontally or vertically. The large and small packages have a one-piece structure, which can be divided and combined for easy use, which is very popular with business travelers. In short, all types of backpacks have their own unique scope of application, and the best choice for purchasing bags is for special bags.