How to choose a backpack that suits you?

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Choose the volume of the backpack according to the number of items loaded

If the travel time is short, and you are not planning to camp outdoors, and there are not many items to carry, you should choose a small-capacity backpack. Generally, 25 liters to 45 liters of the manual is enough. This kind of backpack generally has a relatively simple structure, no external hangers or less external hangers. In addition to a main bag, there are usually 3-5 additional bags to facilitate sorting and loading of items. If the travel time is long or camping equipment needs to be carried, To choose a large bag, 50 liters to 70 liters is appropriate. If you need to load a lot of items or a large volume, you can choose a large backpack of 80+20 liters, or a backpack with more external hangers.