New outdoor umbrella base-sand filled

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New outdoor umbrella base-sand filled 

This outdoor weight bag is to provide extra weight to your existing umbrella base after you fill sand. Add up to 85 pounds of weight to your existing umbrella base, and you can stack additional weight to improve stability. You can take this umbrella base load bag to wherever you want to go. It can be your lovely garden or the beach with your family or friends.

This outdoor umbrella stand counterweight bag is made of thick and sturdy fabric, which is strong and waterproof to ensure maximum durability. Triple stitching to reinforce the edges, the seams are firm, the workmanship is excellent, and it will not leak sand. The UV coating on the surface of the fabric makes it weather-resistant, and the internal PU layer is waterproof to prevent moisture and sand from entering this heavy-duty bag.

Before filling enough sand, put this round weight bag on the umbrella base and insert your parasol. Dashakou can be filled quickly and easily without causing confusion. The frosted pockets are made of high-quality Velcro, which can be used for a long time for easy fixation and additional support. The durable handle makes it easy to carry and pull up, portable and easy to install. The buckle ensures that the weight bag is firmly fixed to the base of your outdoor umbrella.

Suitable for outdoor umbrellas of any style. This outdoor umbrella base is lightweight and portable. It is very suitable for restaurants, gardens, backyards, swimming pools and beaches. It can be used in markets, camping, picnics, festivals, celebrations, sports activities, and wherever you want.