Introduction military outdoor tent

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Military outdoor folding tent

The workmanship is based on military tents . The top fabric is three-proof fabric, the gable and wall fabrics are thick cotton canvas, the middle is thick felt, and the white cloth is lined. Doors and windows (screen windows) have a large opening area, with functions such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, and ventilation (warm in winter and cool in summer).

(1) The outdoor tent has a reasonable structure, is safe and reliable to use, and can withstand the load of 8 wind and 6 cm thick snow at the same time.

(2) The gazebo tent adopts a steel frame structure, which is simple in structure and convenient for exhibition and collection. It can be erected or withdrawn by 4 people in about 25 minutes (the product is accompanied by an installation manual, which can be seen at a glance).

(3) Tent (cloth bag + steel frame, 4 or 5 pieces), all parts are packed in cloth bag, and the shape is regular, which is convenient for long-distance transportation with vehicles or short-distance transportation by manpower.

(4) The entire tent is made of military green canvas and Oxford cloth (warm in winter and cool in summer), felt in the middle, and lined with white cloth. The workmanship is based on military tents. The windows are equipped with gauze to prevent mosquitoes and ventilate. The windows are equipped with plexiglass panels, which can be used to prevent wind and light in summer, and can be used for light and heat preservation in winter

(5) The support rods are welded 3cm×3cm square pipes, using the high-oxygen welding method, and do anti-rust treatment (strong and durable).

(6) The tent adopts a steel frame structure with a reasonable structure. The standard tent is 1.5 meters high, and the special tent is 1.8 meters high (can be placed on the upper and lower bunks).