Marble base for patio umbrellas

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Marble base for patio umbrellas

As a kind of outdoor leisure equipment, parasols are widely used in leisure places such as leisure squares, beaches, parks and courtyards. Provide people with a comfortable cooling space.

The umbrella bases of the existing parasols have various forms and materials. In order to maintain the balance with the umbrella , the umbrella bases are larger in volume or heavier in weight. When it is opened, it needs a large supporting force to support it when the wind blows, so a stable umbrella base is needed for stable support.

Granite marble has precise structure, uniform texture, good stability, high strength, high hardness, and heavier.

The base of the fire-burned marble sun umbrella is made by advanced processing technology. The surface presents a natural weathered retro effect. Equipped with stainless steel handle, convenient for moving and handling. It is suitable for the pressing block of the cross-shaped iron umbrella base and used alone.