Introduction to Outdoor Picnic Folding Chair

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The outdoor picnic folding chair is portable and saves space. It is commonly used in various outdoor picnics, parties, barbecues and other activities. It can also be used in schools, public places, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, companies, families and other places.

The outdoor courtyard picnic camping folding chair is mainly composed of thickened steel pipe and Oxford cloth. The surface of the steel pipe is sprayed with plastic treatment, which is rust-proof and beautiful. Moreover, the important parts of the force are treated with process mechanics, and the bearing capacity is greatly enhanced. Oxford cloth specifications are mainly 600D or 800D, and some picnic folding chairs use a double-layer cloth structure to improve the service life and comfort of the seat surface. The folding link parts are linked by galvanized rivets and virgin plastic parts, which are added according to the characteristics of different products, such as a cup net, an operation panel, a storage bag, a footrest, and a sun visor. The service life of the outdoor picnic folding chair seat surface is no less than that of the plastic injection seat surface, and it is more convenient to carry. It is a kind of folding chair often used for outdoor leisure at home.