Introduction of luxury Roman umbrella

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Introduction of luxury Roman umbrella

The Roman umbrella is also called the 360-degree rotating umbrella. It is the most powerful outdoor umbrella. Its style and size are relatively large. It can rotate one circle in the horizontal direction or tilt 90 degrees in the vertical direction.

Roman umbrella sunshade, this is the most creative and casual sunshade method on the Chinese market at present, and the operation is simple and convenient. The Roman umbrella is controlled by the handle to rotate and lift, which saves effort and worry.

The Roman umbrella is a side umbrella, but compared with ordinary single-sided umbrellas, it is characterized by a large inclination of the front of the umbrella and a large area under the umbrella. It is also because of this that the overall structure of the Roman umbrella is strong and stable, and the skeleton is used. Aluminum alloy material, the overall design reveals a simple and atmospheric style.

The umbrella cloth of the Roman Umbrella is made of thick and dense polyester fabric. The sunshade effect is unparalleled and it is also waterproof. There is no problem when using it in rainy days. The umbrella cloth and the umbrella bone are integrated, revealing the domineering and luxurious temperament of who I am.