Introduction for outdoor plastic wood table and chair

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Outdoor plastic wood table and chair

Plastic wood originated in North America and has been commercialized for more than 40 years. It has been listed as a green energy-saving and environmentally friendly product by many countries and has received strong support.

This plastic wood table and chair are designed with a combination of high-quality aluminum profiles and plastic wood. The tables and chairs are made of widened and thickened plastic wood wood strips with high imitation wood grain textures; the all-aluminum alloy frame is higher than the market Similar products are made of virgin aluminum at twice the cost.

For the design of the armrests of this plastic wood chair, the armrests are perfectly polished, polished, and rounded, comfortable, beautiful, and hands-free; exquisite craftsmanship, boldly try many right-angle designs, simple and smooth lines, rigorous and smooth interfaces, and more Can reflect the simple atmosphere of tables and chairs.

Such comfortable and beautiful tables and chairs are very popular among customers. This set of tables and chairs is waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and non-deformation. It is suitable for leisure places such as courtyards, gardens, living rooms, sun rooms, restaurants, hotels, terraces, etc.