Tying a hammock

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Tying a hammock

The rope for the hammock must be strong enough to withstand the weight of one person. Fix both ends of the hammock on the tree trunk with ropes. How much the hammock sags depends on the actual lying down and adjustment. To sleep in a hammock, first put your hips on the hammock, then put your feet in, and recline your body on the diagonal of the hammock, so that you can straighten your body without any extra burden.

  • When using a hammock for camping in the wild, the hammock should be straightened and fastened as much as possible. Due to the weight of the person sleeping on the hammock, the hammock will sag and bend greatly, and the body of the person sleeping in the hammock will also bend accordingly. It is very uncomfortable for a long time. Pulling the hammock as straight as possible can reduce the bending degree of the hammock and make sleep more comfortable. In addition, do not tie the hammock too high, a height of one meter above the ground is more suitable, so that it is convenient to get on and off the hammock.

  • Before you sit on the hammock, you must check whether the rope is firmly knotted; when you sit on the hammock, you must hold both sides of the hammock before you sit in, and you cannot sit on one side; you cannot jump up and down on the hammock or move too far; method.

  • Children must take precautions when using hammocks. Be sure to watch them, don't crawl outside, and be careful not to shake too much to prevent the child from falling! Never leave people.