How to store and maintain LED outdoor sunshade umbrellas

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How to store and maintain LED outdoor sunshade umbrellas

1. What should I do if the umbrella is wet?

Umbrellas can only be put away after they are cleaned and dried. When the umbrella is wet but has to be put away, it is recommended to fully unfold it and let it dry if possible. If it gets wet by rain, open the umbrella after it's sunny, let the umbrella cloth dry naturally, and then close it.

2. How to remove the stains on the parasol?

When washing a sunshade, it should be fully opened and carried out when it is dry. Use the correct steps for cleaning and maintenance. Do not lean on the parasol or press too hard on it. Before performing any operation on the parasol with automatic controller, please be sure to cut off the power and turn off the automatic control device.

3. When should I clean the parasol?

Whether the parasol needs to be cleaned depends largely on the environment (traffic density, air pollution, industrial pollution, etc.). The requirements for cleaning are as follows:

(1) Use a soft brush to regularly remove dust when the parasol is dry.

(2) Branches, leaves and other similar objects should be cleaned up in time.

(3) If there is a small piece of dirt on the cloth, brush it lightly with a soft brush dipped in common detergent, and then rinse it with clean water several times until there is no residual detergent on the fabric, open it to dry.