How to maintenance outdoor coffee tables and chairs

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Maintenance of outdoor coffee tables and chairs

Many users lack the maintenance knowledge of outdoor leisure tables and chairs and outdoor furniture. The length of the life of outdoor furniture is closely related to ordinary maintenance. Maintenance not only makes leisure tables and chairs long and clean, but also prolongs their service life.

Cast iron tables and chairs also require special maintenance methods due to their materials and exquisite craftsmanship. First of all, avoid bumping when using cast iron or cast aluminum tables and chairs. This is the first thing to notice. Bumps mainly exist in the process of transporting cast iron tables and chairs, so you must pay attention when buying and transporting. Also pay attention to this when placing it. It cannot be placed in a place with a lot of hard objects, and it cannot be changed frequently or shaken. Pay attention to clean and dust removal. When wiping cast iron or cast aluminum tables and chairs, it is best to use pure cotton knitwear as a rag, which is soft and has no residue. When the complex lines of cast iron tables and chairs are not easy to clean, you need to use a thin and soft wool brush to clean them. In particular, it should be noted that iron tables and chairs must be kept away from acid and alkali. Because acid and alkali have a strong corrosive effect on iron, if vinegar, soapy water, soda water and the like are accidentally stained on tables and chairs, they must be washed immediately, and then slowly wiped dry with a dry cotton cloth.