How to choose the right outdoor umbrella

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How to choose the right outdoor umbrella

According to its shape, the styles of parasols can be divided into pillar umbrellas, banana umbrellas, spanner umbrellas, Roman umbrellas, sky umbrellas, large hanging umbrellas, etc. According to their shapes, they can be divided into round and square. If it is divided, there are single layer and double layer.

According to its material, it can be divided into wooden umbrella, aluminum umbrella, iron umbrella and so on.

So, how should we choose and buy so many umbrella styles and prices?

1. The surrounding environment, such as the place where you use the umbrella, where the wind is relatively strong, then I suggest you use a double-layer parasol. There is an air discharge port on the top of such an umbrella to maintain stability; if you are for embellishment, then You don’t pay much attention to the umbrella purchase, just look at the design style of your surrounding environment and start the purchase!

2. In terms of material, the quality of umbrella cloth, UV protection, and waterproof should also be paid attention to.

3. In terms of function, you can choose to have LED lights, you can also use it at night, or you can choose to have Bluetooth speakers. You can choose according to your needs.