How to choose a hammock for outdoor camping

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Outdoor camping is a popular item, especially in summer. It’s so cool to hide in the mountains and enjoy the coolness. Camping requires a lot of equipment, but one thing is definitely a must-have for the family, that’s a hammock. For novices, how do we choose a hammock?

Hammocks are generally divided into single hammocks and double hammocks. Double hammocks are more spacious, more comfortable, and have more space to use.

Regarding the length of the hammock, the length of the hammock is basically fixed. It is about 2 meters, not too long or too short. It can basically meet the needs of most people. If you are taller, then When choosing a hammock, be sure to choose a hammock that is at least 6cm longer than your height.

Let's talk about the purpose. If it is mainly for outing or hiking, then weight is a more important factor, so it is recommended that you choose a lighter hammock. If you are a self-driving car, the first consideration is comfort. You can ignore the weight. In addition to carrying a larger hammock, you can also bring a hammock with a stand. If you bring your own stand, you don’t have to look for it. There are two big trees. You can build a hammock wherever you want.

When choosing a hammock, not only consider the material and comfort of the hammock, but also consider its functionality, what function? That is the anti-mosquito function and the anti-rollover function. We all know that when outdoors, there are a lot of mosquitoes, especially mosquitoes will directly affect our sleep quality, and the current hammock already has anti-mosquito The function is the function of net yarn. Of course, some hammocks do not have this function. The price of hammocks without net yarn is generally lower, and the price of hammocks with net yarn is relatively high, but it is recommended that you bring a net Hammock of yarn, at least you can sleep well at night.