How to choose children's swings chair?

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How to choose a children's swing?

1. Steel hammock swing selection: the hardness of steel is very high, and the appearance will be more beautiful than other swings. It can also adjust the length of the iron chain according to the height of the human body, thereby changing the height of the swing seat. The surface of the swing is coated with anti-rust paint, which can be better waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.

2. Wooden hammock swing selection: Generally, the outdoor wooden hammock swing will make a "crunchy" sound when it is shaking, so it is placed indoors from time to time. The reason for this sound is because of the rope and wooden frame. Friction, causing this sound.

3. Choice of rattan hammock swing: the hand-woven rattan will be lighter in quality and there is no paint on the surface, so don’t be wary of the smell of paint that is harmful to human health, but without the protection of paint, the rattan swing cannot be exposed to rain. So it is only suitable for indoors.