How does an outdoor hammock knot in a tree

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Fixed knotting method, the trunk is thick enough and the hammock rope is strong enough. It is possible to tie two or three circles to make a knotted knot.

Precautions for outdoor hammock use:

1. Do not use too much force while lying on the hammock. The supporting points of the hanging hammock must be firm to prevent the contact from breaking.

2. Do not tie the bed rope to the support point with sharp objects to avoid damage to the rope.

3. Pay attention to the cleanness and flatness of the ground around the hammock. There should be no gravel or hard objects under the hammock to prevent the hammock from suddenly breaking and causing serious injury to people.

4. Avoid damaging the hammock with buttons or sharp objects that you carry with you.

5. Please check the hammock pull rope before use, the shorter the distance the rope is pulled, the better.

6. If you are camping in the wild, you must let the hammock be the source of fire