Introduction about Herringbone tent

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Herringbone tent

Herringbone-top big tents are also called big tents, tents, etc., which are mainly used for various large-scale outdoor activities.

The main structure of the herringbone-top big tent consists of two parts, one is the aluminum alloy main frame, and the other is the tarp. In fact, other comprehensive supporting facilities are often equipped to beautify and improve various themed events.

1. The main structure of the gabled-top big tent is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles. The construction principle is an aluminum box beam frame. The support connection between the columns is made of steel parts. The roof is reinforced by steel cable stays. The roof and wall are both Base cloth enclosure. The material is selected according to the GB/T-6063 standard of aluminum alloy profile, and the material is qualified after inspection by the National Non-ferrous Metal Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The foundation of the tent project is solid, and the materials and structure used have high integrity and safety. The building structure meets strict European standards. The overall structure has passed wind test and destruction test by professional institutions.

2. The tarpaulin uses professional coated fabric PVC. Possess long-lasting bonding performance: The knife-scraping coating technology uses the physical and chemical bonding of liquid PVC and fiber to directly scrape the slurry on the fabric; strong welding performance: the fabric after welding can withstand great tension, even in In harsh environments such as hurricanes and frequent operations, it will not affect the sealing degree of the welded joints; durable service life: a certain thickness not only gives the knife-coated fabric good UV resistance, but also prolongs the service life of the product; good Color fastness: Because the pigment is directly immersed into the PVC coating, the knife-scraped coated fabric can keep the color and luster always as bright as new. Anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-ultraviolet and flame-retardant (M2 and B1) properties have reached international standards. If used and stored properly, rot and mildew will not occur within three to five years.

3. Supporting system. There are roughly six series of supporting large tents with herringbone roof, including walls, floors, furniture, lamps, fabrics, and other comprehensive supporting facilities. The overall design of everything is unexpected, but not impossible. It mainly provides comprehensive, specific and best spatial solutions for activities of different nature and styles.