HDPE high-quality four-pieces parasol base for outdoor patio garden umbrella

Views: 0     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-12-22      Origin: Uplion

Occasionally go to a friend's courtyard to see a stylish and durable umbrella base.

The material of the four-piece parasol base in this outdoor courtyard is HDPE, and the product size is 18.9"x2.95"(Dia xH)

A friend said that this outdoor courtyard HDPE high-quality four-piece parasol base is suitable for all kinds of parasols. Especially suitable for commercial and residential use. As well as gardens, backyards, porches, poolsides, terraces or commercial use.

This outdoor courtyard HDPE high-quality four-piece parasol base has long-lasting quality, stability and durability. He has been using it for three years, and it can be seen that it will look like a new one after washing.

The HDPE high-quality four-piece parasol base in the outdoor courtyard has 4 independent parts, which can provide a weight of about 132 pounds. My friend said that it can reach 52kgs filled with water, and he usually fills it with water. When filled with sand, the weight can reach at least 66kgs.

I recommend this outdoor patio garden umbrella base, suitable for our offset hanging umbrella series with cross base. This is our heavy-duty base for fixing large offset hanging umbrellas that require stability. It is made of durable HPDE plastic, does not rust, and can ensure service for many years to come.