Function of sleeping mat

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Function of sleeping mat

Many inflatable sleeping mats can provide a very comfortable feeling on the back. Because you can adjust the air pressure of the sleeping mat to meet your needs. Although many people who travel in the wild for a long time mostly choose this kind of sleeping mat, this kind of sleeping mat is easily damaged. For example, confiscated Swiss soil knives, hot pots, and unplaced ice axes will pierce the sleeping mat and cause air leakage.

But most of the inflatable sleeping mats come with repair tools. The weight of these sleeping mats depends on the type, but after compression and packaging, it is only about half of the closed room sleeping mat. The open-chamber foam sleeping mat without the Nylon cover is best not to buy for climbers because this kind of sleeping mat is large and absorbs water.

The closed room sleeping mat is resistant to injury. If you accidentally step on it with your crampons, it will not be unusable. If something hot is dropped on your closed room sleeping mat, it will only be melted away, and the other parts will remain intact. But on the other hand, it is not very soft, so for some people who are accustomed to sleeping on soft mattresses, closed room sleeping mats are difficult to adapt, even though this kind of sleeping mat is very light and large.