Four-piece combined HDPE patio garden umbrella base

Views: 0     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-12-23      Origin: Uplion

This four-piece combined HDPE patio garden umbrella base is suitable for Roman umbrellas, banana umbrellas and straight umbrellas. It adopts a simple and modern four-plate design and is compatible with any terrace place. The base material of the four-piece combined courtyard garden umbrella base is HDPE plastic shell, which is very light, and the inside can be filled with water or sand, which is easy to carry, move and store, and is very suitable for outdoor use. The four-piece combined HDPE patio garden umbrella base also has four metal buckles, which can achieve the effect of interlocking, so that the base of this patio umbrella can be detached when not in use. 4 single pieces can be stacked together for easy transportation.

Each of the four-piece HDPE courtyard garden parasol base base weighs 15 kg when filled with water and 20 kg when filled with sand. The umbrella base has enough weight to ensure that the banana parasol stands upright in windy weather.