Features of resin umbrella base

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Features of resin umbrella base

The resin umbrella base is mainly used with the straight umbrella. 

It is used to fix the outdoor umbrella to prevent the umbrella from being knocked down by the strong wind. 

Today we mainly introduce the characteristics of the resin umbrella base:

First: Material: The material of the resin umbrella base is made of resin to avoid damage and paint peeling of the umbrella base.

Second: Design: The surface of the umbrella seat can be decorated with different patterns, and you can aslo choose different colors, which can add charm and elegance to the product.

Third: Durability: After a strict durability test during production, it can be used for a long time and has a long life.

Fourth: It is easy to install and use. After the pipe is installed with screws, it can be plugged into a straight umbrella for use.

The parts include a tube, a manual knob, used to fix the umbrella on the base to support the umbrella

Packaging method: Generally, one box is packed, and shock-absorbing foam will be placed inside the carton to prevent damage to the product.