Disadvantages of plastic wood table and chair:

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Disadvantages of plastic wood table and chair:

1. Outdoor plastic-wood tables and chairs are poor conductors of heat. Under the change of the external environment temperature, the surface and the inside may be unevenly heated, which is prone to expansion, contraction, deformation, etc. The long-term effect results in the life of plastic-wood products. shorten. Therefore, regular maintenance is required.

2. In order to save costs, some plastic wood material manufacturers will reduce the use of antioxidants and other related additives, and even reduce the amount of wood fiber, bamboo powder and other wood fibers (increase the amount of cheap talcum powder or light calcium carbonate) As a result, engineering accidents such as "severe fading, brittle materials, and easy cracking" will inevitably occur.

Therefore, you should pay attention when choosing plastic wood furniture and choose more powerful suppliers.