Courtyard Plastic Wood Terrace Outdoor Tables and Chairs

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Courtyard Plastic Wood Terrace Outdoor Tables and Chairs

Plastic wooden tables and chairs have a smooth and bright surface and good heat dissipation.

The plastic wood chair seat part is spliced with cut plastic wood strips, and the frame generally chooses an aluminum tube that will not rust. The downward inclination angle design of the armrest forms a good angle with the joints, and the arm placement can feel the support from the elbow, which makes people relax naturally. The arc-shaped back chair tilts inward slightly, so it fits the human body and feels comfortable.

The surface of the plastic wood table is generally rectangular plastic wood strips, which are generally packaged by disassembly and assembly to reduce the volume. The aluminum tube table legs are stronger and load-bearing. The spray painting process is adopted to prevent rust and paint. Fully enclosed, waterproof, moisture-proof, acid and alkali corrosion resistance. The table top is smooth and easy to clean. Plastic wood is improved through an original formula, produced with four-sided three-dimensional embossing technology, and the material is stable.