Cleaning of coffee tables and chairs

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Cleaning of coffee tables and chairs

A coffee shop is a place where people can enjoy life. After a busy day of work, come to the coffee shop to sit on a comfortable coffee shop chair, taste the pleasant aroma of coffee, and soothe the nervous mood after the day.

To make the coffee shop look more complete, of course, it must be equipped with high-end coffee shop tables and chairs, and also pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the coffee shop tables and chairs. Wooden cafe furniture not only has a simple and overall sense of strength, but also has a greater sense of implication, but wooden cafe tables and chairs also have its shortcomings, such as fear of bumps, water, sun, and drying.

Generally, the cleaning of high-grade solid wood cafe tables and chairs can start from the following aspects: the surface of the furniture has stains, handprints, oil stains, etc., can be cleaned with a multifunctional foam cleaner, dried with a clean towel, or with furniture scrub wax, color restoration Abrasives and furniture polishing wax are cleaned, and liquid furniture wax is applied every 2-3 months, and it can be wiped with a clean cotton towel at ordinary times.

So we need take care of the cafe tables and chairs.