Fabrics and functions of outdoor hammock

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Fabrics and functions of outdoor hammock

The fabric of hammock is generally divided into three types, namely cotton, mesh, and polyester fiber.

Cotton is a traditional material used to make hammocks and is more comfortable to use.

The biggest advantage of the net-shaped hammock is that it is ventilated, breathable, and quick-drying, which is very suitable for use by the sea or swimming pool.

The advantages of polyester fiber are light weight, quick-drying, easy to clean, very durable and resistant to fading, and it is also the most commonly used hammock material today.

When choosing a hammock, we should also pay attention to a value, that is, the Den value, which is a direct measure of the linear density of the hammock. Simply put, the higher the Den value, the stronger the hammock.

When choosing a hammock, not only consider the material and comfort of the hammock, but also consider its functionality. That is the anti-mosquito function and the anti-rollover function. We all know that when outdoors, there are a lot of mosquitoes. These little guys will directly affect our sleep quality, so the hammock adds nets to prevent mosquitoes.