outdoor 26kg black garden umbrella stand base

Views: 1     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2022-01-10      Origin: Uplion

High Quality Black Parasol Holder, 26 lbs. Umbrella base designed for patio table only

13.7” L x 13.7” W x 2.4” H diameter base with 10.5” stem

Adjustable collar in stem accommodates various stem sizes from 1.3” to 1.8”

Features support knobs to tighten and hold umbrella posts in place

Includes 4 PVC feet on the bottom of the base

Needed a black umbrella seat to sit under the patio table that works with my umbrella. Other bases I've looked at are either too decorative or not heavy enough. Really like this black parasol stand because it's cheap, has a clean and simple look, and has an adjustable collar on the stem so I can get it to work with my 1.8" diameter stem. Highly recommend this base!

Looks good. Small for my umbrella wide area. I can't guarantee a windy day trip, although the umbrella was also blocked by my exterior wall and 7' wide fence. It does the job.